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Detox: Myths And Facts

Simply defined, a detox is designed to cleanse the body of unnatural pollutants and chemicals that can be a detriment to health, impede the weight loss process, and cause damage to vital organ systems in the body.

Yet, there still appears to be a host of misinformation about detoxes that can make it hard to understand what a detox truly is and what it is designed to do. Let’s take some time to outline some common detox myths and set the record straight by providing the facts.

Myth #1: Detoxing is a remedy for over-indulgence.

Fact #1: The truth is that there is no quick fix for overeating, binging, or over-indulging- that includes a detox. While a by-product of a detox can be weight loss and the elimination of unhealthy or unwanted chemicals from the body in a rapid timeframe, a detox is not going to solve the larger problems that can be caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits.

The true remedy for poor habits such as over-indulging, overeating, and binging is making long-term lifestyle changes to eating habits, exercises habits, and other habits that are more sustainable and long-lasting. Detoxes should be used to jumpstart sensible wellness plans and not used as a form of regular maintenance.

Myth #2: Significantly increasing water intake will detoxify the body.

Fact #2: There is some truth to the idea that drinking water can detoxify the body. Water intakes help the kidney and liver function more efficiently, which can boost the processes of cleansing out toxins and chemicals. However, all things must be done in moderation.

Consuming too much water can negatively impact the electrolytes in the body and increase the amount of work the kidneys must do in order to rid the body of the extra water being taken in. Thus, there should be proper balance in order to ensure the body remains healthy.

Myth #3: A detox must consist of a system of special juices and/or teas.

Fact #3: Juices and teas can be a good way to detox, but the body doesn’t need a special tea or juice to cleanse itself. There are a variety of foods that can naturally cleanse the body without a special program or system. Adding items to the diet such as fruits, leafy greens, lemons, and sesame seeds can significantly boost the detox process of the body. Green tea and ginger are also great items that can be added to promote the body’s process of detoxification.

Myth #4: Detoxes are the best way to lose weight.

Fact #4: While detox can jumpstart the weight loss process and cause you to lose some pounds in a short period of time, without a plan to sustain that weight loss, most of that weight will be regained at the end of the detox plan.

There is only so much weight that can be lost via a detox plan, and sustained weight loss requires lifestyle changes such as exercise and diet alterations in order to keep seeing progress.

Without these measures, a detox simply becomes a waste of time and will be continually required to continue weight loss, which can put an unhealthy strain on the body and its detoxing systems (i.e., the liver and the kidneys).

So, while a detox can be considered as a good way to jumpstart health or weight loss journeys, it is not the quick solution to a larger health or weight issue. Rather than relying on a detox to solve health problems, it should be used to gain momentum and help you begin the process of more sustainable lifestyle changes that will lead to prolonged health and weight loss benefits.


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