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[Adjustments Without Judgement] 40 Ways To Protect Yourself From Toxins


The human body is a resilient form–over thousands of years, humans have found ways to adapt and survive against an impossibly high number of dangers found on planet Earth. However, despite being tough and adaptable, your human body needs plenty of protection from different types of toxins.

Toxins are harmful substances that, when introduced to your body, can cause significant harm or damage to it. While we do what we can to avoid some obvious toxins (for example, not eating certain plants found in the wild or ingesting unfamiliar chemicals), toxins still pose a threat to human health because they’re also found in some less obvious places. 

In fact, many people are shocked to learn that certain toxins can be found in common household substances. 

To protect yourself from toxin exposure, you can begin by learning to identify and understand a variety of common toxins found in your environment. Consider these common toxins and learn 40 simple ways to protect yourself from them.

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