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[Adjustments Without Judgement] GMO 101


GMO simply means Genetically Modified Organism, and this and other terms such as GM (genetically modified) and GE (genetically engineered) are used to describe genetically engineered crops.

Specifically, this is the manufacturing of organisms from the combination of two or more genes of unrelated species. Crop modification to produce pesticides or to make them immune to herbicides are the two most popular types of genetic modifications in practice today. Modifying crops to be immune to herbicides is also known as making them “Roundup ready.”

From the brief introduction above, one can imagine that the GMO practice is a nice and welcomed idea, but you just can’t ignore the dangers involved with altering the genes of crops. GMOs haven’t undergone long-term studies, making them potentially harmful to the body. Thousands of people are concerned about GMOs and the lack of mandatory safety testing of them for human consumption.

Be aware so you can make the best choices for your healthy lifestyle.

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