Adjustments Without Judgement™

Quickly Achieve Incredible Body, Mind & Overall Wellness Changes. . .
That Last A Lifetime

If you’re committed to improving your health…

If you’re willing to change your eating habits but don’t know where to start…

If you wish you had:

✔️ A simple, but effective system to follow

✔️ A personal accountability coach to guide you through your transformation but don’t want the hefty price-tag…

… then this can be a bonafide game changer for you.

Here’s why…

You can now totally transform the way you set and conquer your wellness goals.

As you walk through – what we think is – the easiest program on earth, you will increase your success and quickly achieve life-changing results.

Let’s be honest, there IS a high cost to living a toxic lifestyle…

If You Ignore Your Health, It Just Gets Worse…

When most people start a wellness journey they try every new shiny eating plan that comes along.

Paleo… Keto… Vegan… the list goes on and on. But for most people, none of it is sustainable!


  • They don’t like to follow strict rules.
  • They don’t really understand how new habits are formed.
  • They don’t remain consistent with their diet or exercise routine.

But what happens if you don’t make a change? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?

That’s right! Nothing happens, nothing changes, it only gets worse!

Your appearance and overall health, just keeps getting worse and people start to notice. And when they ask about your weight, your skin, your dark circles, your are left speechless, feeling bad and just plain wishing for the ground to open up and swallow you.

No worries – you are not alone!

And we have an answer that works.

Here’s the story:

Most people like routine and are generally good at following guidelines and advice.

On the flip side most of us don’t do as well with restriction and limitation.

Therefore, when it comes to health, fitness or wellness… you need a different approach to improving your lifestyle.

  • What if you had a complete, proven and easy-to-follow program for achieving incredible results?
  • What if you had steps that make amazing transformations feel natural and effortless?
  • …would that help you achieve your goals? We think so!

And that’s exactly why we designed a series of Adjustments Without Judgement™ wellness sprints.

Honestly Doc, I think this is the best thing you’ve come up with since I’ve known you. Your coaching is great – but I really look forward to this everyday. I really do!

Dr. Byrd


You Deserve a Sustainable, Healthier Lifestyle

Adjustments Without Judgement™ wellness sprints are tried-and-tested 14-day programs specially designed for you to create incredible mind, body and lifestyle changes, that will really last forever.

When you sign up, you’ll enjoy …

  • a simple program that breaks down habit change in a practical, accessible way so you become more effective and reach your goals faster.
  • a clear actionable experience directly from your mobile phone with in app accountability and a supportive online community.
  • nutritious, quick to prepare meals that can be matched to your goals, so you fuel your body with the right foods at the right time.
  • workout programs designed by world class trainers on HIIT, bodyweight, yoga or strength training.
  • access to built in calculators and trackers
  • PLUS action sheets, videos, audios and/or other incredibly helpful resources that will aid you in your journey to a better, more energy-filled version of yourself.

That’s right – You can get everything you need to succeed with your health and wellness this year  for a fraction of what it would cost you hiring a personal coach on a one-to-one basis.

Women climbing a hill and reaching the top

It’s time to make a decision!

Do what you’ve been doing and keep the weight gain, constipation, brain fog, low energy…

OR  take a new action and achieve a new result!

Look, we’ve all been there: trying to stick to healthier routines, trying to accomplish a really good balance in all life-fronts. Trying to feel and look better… and not getting any results.

And the thing is, that sometimes we think is not up to us, when the truth is.. that it is.

YOU CAN absolutely find a plan that works for you and that allows you to create the habits you need to live the life you want!

If this is something that sounds like what you really want for yourself…

Take the stress out of making lifestyle changes by using our proven, day-by-day programs.


Read the details of each wellness sprint and enroll to get started!

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"I AM" What I Eat

There is a lot of value in the actual act of recording what you eat. It’s a behavior that truly takes seconds to minutes a day to do, but each and every time you pull out your app or diary, you remind yourself of your healthy living desires and strategies.

This 2-week wellness sprint enable you to gain control over your eating patterns, master your appetite and achieve optimal levels of nutrition by letting you:

  • See exactly WHERE you can improve to achieve a goal. No matter if it’s loosing weight, gaining more muscle, gaining weight, having more energy. If you know where you need to make adjustments, it will be easier for you to ACTUALLY MAKE THEM.
  • Discover if you are eating too much or NOT enough.
  • Learn how to adjust your eating schedule for success.
Enroll Today $37
"I AM" Not Snacking On Junk Food

SUCCESSFULLY change your snacking habits with little to no effort.

Snacking can reduce your natural hunger cues and ruin your appetite. This can result in irregular eating patterns and lack of eating routine.

This 2-week wellness sprint will…

  • Help you eat regularly throughout the day.
  • Help you tune-in with hunger and fullness cues.
  • Help you ‘re-connect’ with your body.
"I AM" Eating My Daily Greens

In this program, we are addressing one major issue – eating an optimum amount of greens daily.


Vitamins and minerals help regulate your metabolism, relieve stress, improve your energy level, strengthen your immune system, improve your memory, boost your mental clarity, protect against serious health conditions, and increase your overall quality of life.

… And although you get these nutrients from most of the foods you eat; fruits and vegetables are the ones that contain the most.

This 2-week wellness sprint encourages you to eat fresh vegetables with every meal to easily…

  • Discover more energy with balanced vitamins/minerals.
  • Learn how to increase fiber for a healthier gut.
  • Discover a healthier body with hydration via foods.
"I AM" Hydrating Like A Boss

Water is the most important nutrient in your diet. Nothing else comes close.

Getting your body properly hydrated means more than just drinking water. The presence of water in your cells is what life is all about. Water is what makes up for most of our body and brain functions.

And with this 2-week wellness sprint you’ll be able to sustain a daily hydration habit, to achieve:

  • Better fat loss with increased hydration.
  • Better focus and energy output.
  • Better habits around hydration.
"I AM" Eating Real Food

Overeating, along with the consumption of over-processed foods, is ruining people’s health.

This 2-week wellness sprint encourages you to increase your frequency of eating healthy single-ingredient foods while reducing unnecessary processed ones.

  • Discover the effectiveness of real food.
  • Discover procedures to minimize processed foods.
  • Discover how to boost energy with nutrient variety.
"I AM" Rocking My Gut Health

This 2-week wellness sprint encourages you to improve your gut health.

Real change doesn’t come easy

… And if you’re as busy as most people, it’s easy to feel like you don’t have the time or energy to give your body what it needs. But with the right support, you can.

This is where this 2-week wellness sprint comes in! Its only goal is to simply create more awareness of how the food you eat impacts your overall health and daily well-being.

  • Help you discover whats going wrong in your diet.
  • Solve common problems like bloating or gas.
  • Discover ways to increase health and well being.

Our “Love It” Guarantee

We are 100% sure you’ll love Adjustments Without Judgement™.

In fact, we are so confident we have a money back guarantee.

Try a program for 3 days and if you don’t love it, let us know.

We’ll refund your money and you can keep the action sheets
and any bonuses you received.

The worst-case scenario is you get free access for 3 days.

The best case is you achieve create incredible mind, body
and lifestyle changes, that last a lifetime.

If that sounds good to you,? enroll today!


What happens after I sign up?

As soon as you signup, you will receive a welcome email. It is very important that you open that email to get your program access code. You will love the coaching app! It’s one of our favorites.

Is the app available for Android devices?

Yes, the app is for IOS and Android devices.

Can I save the action sheets?

Yes, you can.

You can also print them as many times as you like.

Note: Every “I AM” program does not have action sheets.


Can I share the program with my family and friends?

To honor everyone who is investing in I AM, we ask that you not share.

However, we have a generous referral program. When someone signs up using your special link, you get 25% of their program purchase.

If you’re ready to start living an extraordinary life,

here’s your chance!

Enroll Today To Lock In
Your Special Rate!

As a Coach who teaches high achieving women how to OWN their Serenity, Sensuality and Soul by embodying their Femininity, I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a more effortless and holistic approach to self mastery; that seamlessly fits your lifestyle!

Jenai K.


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